Electronics & IT Department
Government of Haryana
Electronics & Information Technology Department
Government of Haryana
**Live Webcast - Digital Haryana Summit on 15th September 2017 at the Hotel Leela Gurugram**

Activity Note

S No.
Target 2017-18

Achievement 2016-17


Pillar 1 : Broadband Highways
1 NOFN or Bharatnet BBNL/BSNL 4000 villages

Status approx 6000 GPs : Duct laid ‐ 5355, Fibre laid ‐ 4453, Lit ‐ 633, OLT ‐ 31, ONT - 850


2 SWAN (connects Govt Offices) Hartron

Vertical 147

Horizontal offices 1092

141 connected out of 147

804 connected out of 1092

3 CCTNS Police/Hartron

Connectivity to all Police stations

Harsamay Portal



4 Rural WiFi Hartron (through CSC SPV)

350 in 2017

Achieved (145 sites)

Mahendergarh(45), Rewari(21), Sonipat(17), Faridabad(61), Nuh (1)



Pillar 2: Universal Access to Mobile connectivity
1 CCIP IT Deptt 2017-18

· Stakeholder consultation done.

· Departmental meeting taken by CS

· File under submission for approval of CS


2 UMANG MeitY, GoI

State govt services to be provided over mobile - 50 G2C Services by 2017

During 2016: 12 Mobile apps were developed by NIC/ Deptts (Mahri Panchayat, mJind, Birds of Bhindawas, Jind: Flowing water forgotten History, eGirdawari, eDistrict, Visitor security, CM engagement, CM window Greviance tracking, Survey for property tax, Haryana Tourism, eSeva)

3 RAS (Rapid Assessment Survey) NeGD, SeMT RAS: enables dept to take citizen feedback on quality & timely of service delivery - Total 170 targeted in 2017

RAS: enables dept to take citizen feedback on quality & timely of service delivery , 67 Integrated and 60 under integration


Pillar 3: Public Internet Access Programme ‐ National Rural Internet Mission
1 CSC/ ASK Centres Hartron/ CSC SPV Target to complete all 6083 GPs (6754 villages) in 2017-18

4000 established.

38 Lac transactions done since may 2017.

ASK deliver 282 service (170 Haryana Govt)

2 Right to service State Depts

Target 2017-18: all services mentioned in departmental citizen charters to be covered

During 2016-17, 234 services of 24 deptts notified

3 Digi Lockers: (Citizens to keep personal/ public documents in Dig Lockers) State Depts All services where public doc is issued like license, certificate, etc to be integrated

· State has begun to push Public docs directly to Citizen Dig Lockers .

· School Edu Board provides 10, 12 certificates in Dig Locker

· 16 services of Rev and Agri Deptt also integrated


4 SDC IT Deptt

Operational (No more capacity)

Depts to use Meghraj in 2017 (Union Govt Cloud)

105 applications of 76 Depts (25 collocated, 19 hosted, 32 on cloud) in SDC

Pillar 4. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology
1 Resident Database (SRDB) IT Deptt JSS planned during 2017  
2 Aadhaar Enrolment UIDAI / IT Deptt

To cover 100% of 0-5 age group in 2017

Capture Birth & Death to achieve live census.

2.67 Cr residents have Aadhaar (103 % of population)

3 eOffice IT Deptt & respective deptt 5 depts in 2017-18

Procurement from NIC under progress

4 GPR (Govt process reengineering) Respective deptts Depts to make more of their processes electronic

Various deptts have rolled out e applications, CM window, CM dashboard, ePMS, TPDS, eBiz, eLicense, eCLU, Teacher transfer online, plot & property management system, etc


Pillar 5. eKranti ‐ Electronic Delivery of Services
1 Online Services Respective Depts, CSC SPV, NIC Depts to make more of their processes electronic

296 e Services (170 State G2C, 12 G2C of GoI, 15 G2C on State SSDG) and 99 B2C

2 GIS IT Deptt/ S&T Deptt To build State GIS Database and integrate with GSDI (Geo Spatial data initiative of GoI)

· HARSEC has established GIS map on 1:2640 scale.

· T&CP integrated its notified areas with GOS Framework.

· Revenue dept has developed e GIrdavri app which record crop details with GPS locations.

· 18 dept maps moved over NCoG


Pillar 7. Electronics Manufacturing Target NET ZERO IMPORTS by 2020
1 ESDM IT Deptt ESDM Policy to be released in 2017-18

State currently accounts for 6.8 % of employment in the IT Sector throughout the country. About 1.87 lac persons are working in IT/ITES Sector

1. IT-BPM industry contributes 9.4% of state GDP; 54% of exports

2. Tax contribution: Rs. 3,000 Crores

3. Direct employment to 2.5-3 lac people; indirectly employs 8-9 lac people in other sectors.

4. World BPO hub- 5% of total worldwide BPO employees, 13% of total Indian BPO employees.

5. Companies spend Rs. 11,000 Crores annually, Employees spend Rs. 12,000 crores annually.


2 IT Policy IT deptt IT Policy to be released in 2017-18

Draft Prepared and circulated: stakeholder consultation going on.

Pillar 8. IT for Jobs
1 NDLM IT deptt 12 lac households in 2017-18

2.2 lac trained and 1.3 lac certified as digitally literate

2 Skills IT deptt 50,000 in 2017

Hartron & HKCL have trained 43588 citizens in IT skills

3 Startups IT deptt 100 Startups targeted in 2017-18: with NASCOM & IAMAI

MoUs signed,

Working space ready


Cashless Transactions/ Initiatives
1 Cashless All Departments Maximum Government transactions to be made cashless.

· 2016-17, 91.12% payment amounting to Rs 54415.91 Cr has been done electronically by state treasuries and around 4.45% amounting to Rs 1890.30 Cr payment is done to pensioners and AG by bank electronically

· Current year 55% transactions were done online amounting to 26% of total revenue that is Rs. 12536 Cr out of Rs. 46643 Cr

· State could save Rs. 250 crore due to the de-duplication in old age pensions, food subsidies and scholarships

· 800 POS (point of sale/service) machines have been provided

· 2,02,014 citizens provided Rs 5 for encouraging cashless transactions

· 65 prizes were announced

· 5 DigiDhan Conducted

· 2016-17 91.12% payments amounting to 54415.91 crores has been done electronically by state treasuries and around 4.45% amounting to 1890.30 crores payment is done to pensioners and AG by bank electronically


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